Don’t Leave Home Without Your Memories

Humans, not places,
make memories

~Ama Ata Aidoo

Your father passed away and you want to remember him every day.  Do you have memories of him:

  • teaching you how to swim?
  • taking you on your first camping trip?
  • teaching you how to drive?
  • always being there for you and your family
  • removing spiders from the bath tub
  • fixing your bike
  • or sneaking you candy when nobody’s looking?

Memories start off fresh and the pain eases up as time goes on, but you still want to remember your father forever.

There are other personal ways you can remember your father such as:

  • keeping photographs in your wallet
  • serving his favourite meal at supper
  • making a playlist of his favourite songs

The secret to remembering your father everyday is to carry his memories with you in a way that only you will know what the true meaning is.

You can have this with a simple reliquary or keepsake.  Something that holds remains, momentos, fabric or pieces of that watch he loved so much.

This can be a difficult process for you and I’d like to remove as much of that burden as possible with a free consultation to learn more about you and your father and to come up with some ideas that are tailored to your style.