Nevermore Opus 1 Necklace


This Raven necklace is made with resin in a .999 fine silver plated pewter cast bezel.  Choice of 24″ chain or cord.

Only one is available.



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Walking down the street in the late afternoon, the sound of children playing in the park is a happy kind of noise. As soon as I hear that cawing sound, the hairs on my arms stand up and I can feel a tingling on the back of my neck.⁣

Looking up, groups of crows are perched on the hydro lines watching…staring. Mia doesn’t take her eyes off of the group, because she’s already experienced them flying right in front of her face, making her jump. It’s a feeling like they are trying to trap you.⁣

They are said to be super smart and on a creative level, I think they exude mystery and magic.⁣

So when making this pendant, it was just fitting to make the backdrop look like fog, keeping in with the mystery.⁣


  • Epoxy Resin (food safe)
  • .999 Fine Silver Plated Pewter (Bezel)
  • Choice of chain or cord

Additional information

Weight .50 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 2 cm

Authentic Suede, Chain, Leather Cord


.999 Fine Silverplated with a Brass base – large loops, .999 Fine Silverplated with a Brass base – small loops, Black, Rhodium Finish – large loops, Rhodium Finish – small loops, Stainless Steel Curb Chain, Tan, Teal


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