Galaxy Resin Chunky Ring


Are you an overthinker? Do you overthink a potential decision and wind up doing nothing at all? ⁠  It happens! I get it. ⁠

And if you’re considering a memorial ring to remember a loved one, I thought I’d share the answer to one of my most frequently asked questions to help you break free from your analysis paralysis!⁠

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Q: I have no idea what I want, can any of your designs be used for memorial jewelry, or does it always have to be custom?⁠

A:  Unless a client has asked that her piece cannot be replicated in any way shape or form (none have stated this yet), all the designs shown can be used as a starting point for memorial jewelry.  Because each piece is made by hand (not manufactured), they can be easily adapted.⁠

For example, this Galaxy Chunky Resin ring is made with gold, silver and copper flakes.  But can easily be created as a memorial ring during the inclusion stage.⁠

If you are looking at a Galaxy memorial piece, please contact me first.

Does that help? ⁠  What else do you need to know?⁠

Limited Quantities


  • Epoxy Resin, approximately 9mm high
  • Ring Band:  pewter base with .999 fine silver plating, adjustable, 1cm wide
  • Gilding flakes:  copper, silver, gold

Additional information

Weight .50 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 2 cm


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