Birch Cookie Resin Pendant


Wear a little piece of nature with this resin pendant encapsulating a Birch cookie, zebra wood, a little string of moss and a tiny little baby’s breath blossom.


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Nature inspired jewelry is something that isn’t going away.  I think we are all drawn to it.  Maybe it’s the organic nature of it, maybe it’s a one of a kind…who knows.

The inspiration for this pendant came from a birch branch I purchased at a local nursery for a holiday display.  Going through the bin, holding each piece in my hands, I went for the branch that was the most gnarly and bent that I could find.

The little zebra piece was from a local Exotic Wood supplier, which I call their showroom my “second home”.  The little baby’s breath blossoms were from my new daughter in laws bridal bouquet.  Although baby’s breath if very common, just the idea that it came from her bouquet makes this a unique piece from a place of love.


  • Epoxy Resin (food safe)
  • Silver Plated Metal Alloys
  • Birch
  • Zebrawood
  • Baby’s Breath blossom

Additional information

Weight .50 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 2 cm


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