This custom pen and pendants truly memorializes Laz.  A wonderful dog who was taken by cancer.  His owner Marie who is a dog trainer, can keep him close while helping other dogs and their owners.

Made with resin, tinted with violet brass pigment and blended with ashes.  Created with layers to symbolize all the different personalities that made Laz the spunky dog that he was.

The metal finish on the pen is Chrome and the pendants are a mix of Sterling and Agentium Silver.

Pet Memorial Pendant

This pendant was created in a rectangle shaped pewter bezel plated with .999 fine silver which was oxidized for an antique silver finish.  The resin was tinted with blue metallic pigment and mixed with 1/4 tsp of remains.

When designing a memorial piece of your pet, the type of metal, shape, and bezel is customized for you.

Below you'll find a photo of Harley is sleeping in the cat bed.  I didn’t think dogs could curl themselves that tightly.

The middle photo has us fall in love with Harley.  He was adopted at the Brant County SPCA in Brantford, Ontario.

This is a graphic portrait I created shortly after Harley passed away.  Wanted to capture his goofy look.

Harley sleeping in a cat bed
portrait of Harley
graphite portrait of Harley