How to Clean Wood and Resin Pens

Hold on to your afternoon ginger tea, I have 3 tips that are going to!

If you have ever wondered how to care for your one-of-a-kind wood and resin pen, you can’t miss this! ⁠

There are a few rules of thumb to keep your pens clean, shiny and enjoyable for years to come.⁠

How to Clean Wood and Resin Pens

First, never leave your pen out in the heat because the metal finishes will get so hot, you’ll likely burn yourself. ⁠

⁠Second, do not handle your pen right after applying hand lotion. Wait until the lotion is fully absorbed into your hands or at least 15 minutes, otherwise, your pen will be slippery in your hands.⁠

Third, pens that we make have a protective finish on them. Resin and wood pens are sealed with a hard finish, but resin is still a form of plastic, so take care to avoid scratching. Wood pens are sealed with a hardy Australian oil.

Pens that are plated with Rhodium or 24k Gold include a certificate of authenticity and are coated with a layer of epoxy to ensure durability for many, many years.

Other pen finishes, such as antique brass/silver, blue/black/gold titanium, chrome, satin, gunmetal, and copper (shown in the photo) can all be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and dried with a clean soft cloth. No harsh chemicals are to be used.⁠

Voila! Now you know how to clean your wood and resin pens and keep them shiny like the first day you opened the black velvet box and said “well, hello there”.

Now go and finish your tea and let me know if you have questions about caring for your one-of-a-kind pen?⁠