Frequently Asked Questions

Are your prices in Canadian or US?

Pricing is in Canadian currency.

Where do you Source your Materials?

Whether you order a one of a kind piece or a custom design, materials and tools are locally sourced as much as possible.

Buying local reduces costs in shipping and supports the local market.  But sometimes, buying local is all about where you land.

When travelling to the Bahamas, I can purchase responsibly sourced shells, stones, coral and sand from the local vendors, supporting their economy and you end up wearing a little piece of my trip.

Foraging in the forest of my daughters farm with my Granddaughter will always reveal little tidbits and gems such as the subtle blue-grey coloured lichen that’s fallen from the trees.

  • Metal, pen components and non-custom ring cores are purchased from Canadian and US suppliers. 
  • Equipment is purchased from suppliers in Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario
  • Resin is manufactured in Manitoba and Quebec, Canada.  Specialty resin is purchased from a supplier in Toronto and manufactured in the US.
  • Exotic and local wood is responsibly sourced by suppliers in Toronto, Burlington and Smithville, Ontario.

How Long Does it Take for a Custom Order?

Once we’ve had our consultation, custom order agreement signed, returned and deposit received,  generally the piece can be ready in 6-8 weeks.   This will be explained during the consultation when I have more details on your special design.

If you are ordering a collection design or multiple pieces, naturally, the time will take longer.  You will be given this information during the consultation.

What's the Cost of Memorial Jewelry?

Memorial jewelry and keepsake jewelry, whether it’s custom or based on sample designs, starts at $290 CDN.

What's Your Carbon Footprint When it Comes to Shipping?

Currently, everything sold on our website includes some type of packaging, such as a cloth bag or pen box.   We are currently removing these automatic inclusions from every product over the next few weeks and make them available as options.  We’ve heard from you and listened…when you’re ordering an item for yourself, you may not need a pen box.   But you also may be ordering something as a gift and need a special box to store this heirloom gift.

To avoid material going to landfill, we don’t ship in fancy printed boxes, we don’t use special coloured tape or fancy stamps.  We try to have every single thing used in shipping and packaging be reusable by you or be suitable for any recycling program in your community.  All orders are shipped in bubble packaging that well protects your order and you can reuse the envelope.


Do you offer free shipping

yes, free shipping within Canada is available on all orders over $100.

Do you Offer a Guarantee?

If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can return it within 30 days for a refund (less shipping and handling).  When doing the return, you will need to have it insured with a tracking number.   All pieces must be in their original packaging and unworn/unused.  Please contact here first.

Custom orders are not refundable as you are given revision opportunities during the design stage.

What Types of Metal do You Use?

The pen components are made with different materials, such as aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, 24k gold, chrome, titanium nitride and Rhodium.  The 24k gold and Rhodium are plated and layered with epoxy for protection that will give you years and years of enjoyment.  Rhodium pieces include a certificate of authenticity.  Titanium Nitride pieces are stamped with TN for authenticity.

Any jewelry pieces that are made with copper, you will be given a choice to have the copper raw (for health benefits) or coated so cleaning won’t be required.


Why Aren't Your Pieces Perfectly Shaped?

Every single jewellery piece I design is made by hand.  I don’t use pendant or earring molds. I create a block shape and from there, I cut, shape, sand and polish by hand to create the resin piece.   Some pieces I cut by hand, others I turn on the lathe where the design is circular.

Resin Times jewelry does not come off an assembly line and is not manufactured at a plant overseas.  Other than using pre-made bezels for some of the designs, I strive to create organic shapes for the nature-inspired jewelry.

The pens that are made are turned on a lathe in house by Joe and include curves and inlays.  Perfectly straight pens with no creativity when it comes to shape are manufactured in a mold and come off an assembly line.


Do You Use Copper Wire?

Some of the designs just look better with copper.   The copper can be raw for health benefits or coated so it doesn’t turn your skin green.

Copper is also considered a base metal because it oxidizes relatively easily, so for designs that are oxidized and/or have a patina finish, they are sealed to protect your skin and retain the effect.

I use copper in some designs because nothing comes close to the look of it, whether it’s used as is, hammered, oxidized or fire-painted.

All my custom prototypes are done in copper first for review.


Do You Use Silver?

Argentium silver, sterling silver and for some designs,  .999 fine silver plated pewter is used.

Jewelry for children, young people, and the affordable luxury line includes copper that is raw (for health benefits) coated, oxidized/patina finish and fire-painted.

Stainless steel and sterling silver is also used for ear wires and is identified in the product description.

Complete details on metals used can be found in the description area for every product listed.

How do you Ship?

Canada Post is used for all shipping within Canada.  Shipping to the US is through Canada Post to the border and then USPS.  Lettermail is not offered as a choice for shipping as it doesn’t come with a tracking number.

If you are unsure which shipping method to choose, or are placing a custom order please contact me first.  

How Do You Clean Resin Jewelry?

Cleaning resin jewelry takes a bit of care.  Gently wipe with a dry microfibre cloth. 

Resin is like plastic, it can be scratched so store it in it’s own little compartment in a jewellery box or in a soft bag that we can provide with your order as an alternative to a box.

How to Change the Refills on the Pens

We are in the process of editing videos for each pen line created. When you place your order, you will receive a personal email from me (Gisèle) with the link to the how to video.  You can also check them out by clicking here.

Do you include a gift box?

In a continuing effort to reduce packaging waste, we no longer automatically include gift boxes with your pen order.

We’ve listened to what you’ve told us:  you don’t need a gift box when ordering a pen for yourself and if you needed a gift box, you wanted to choose your own.