Gisele Grenier Our Story
Joe Butka turning a pen

Joe turning a pen on the lathe

Our Story

Hi, I’m Gisèle and I’m one of the co-founders of Resin Times.  Joe and I create one of a kind memorial pens and jewellery inspired by your memories and events.

When our Harley passed away, his ashes were given to us in a beautiful wooden box and although we could have chosen an Urn, it wasn't how Harley was to be remembered.  

At the time, I was teaching art classes and already had jewellery supplies, so it really didn't take much to start sketching some designs and making some prototypes.  What I didn't count on was the emotional toll it would take on me.

After I finished the piece, I made some pieces for other people that had lost their beloved pet and I learned and kept learning that the process is just as important as delivering the memorial keepsake to you.    I promise, with all my heart that I'll try to make this experience as calm and serene as humanly possible for you.

Gisèle Grenier
Co-Founder and Designer