It took 24 years for our first vacation. Yes, 24 years.  
We went to the Bahamas and had an amazing time. But, we weren’t impressed with the typical souvenirs of hats and t-shirts that everyone else would be wearing.
The last evening, sitting on the deck, enjoying Lobster with Bahamian Peas and Rice, I had a thought…
 What if I took bits and bobs from our vacation?
I can make earrings, pendants and bracelets using seashells gathered at the beach. Glass vials with tiny shells and use resin to make it permanent.
I gathered some little twigs and branches from the dolphin sanctuary. Using blue tinted resin, I made a pendant that looked like an underwater scene. This was to remember swimming with the dolphins.
Although, we travel to the Bahamas twice a year, I can wear my memories every day.
and that my friend is why I do what I do… so you can wear your memories every day.
Gisèle Grenier

Founder and Designer